Premium Privacy Solution

Stay compliant and safeguard sensitive corporate information while working from home, at the office, or while traveling.

TAA Compliant

Suitable for U.S. government agencies and supports HIPAA compliance.

One-Year Hassle-Free Warranty

All our filters are backed with a limited one-year warranty. Simply contact us if you are not completely satisfied and we will make it right.


I was very nervous in ordering the privacy screen filter due to purchasing the wrong size or the quality of the material and how private will it be. Let me tell fit like a glove they give the exact way to measure your computer screen so that you don't purchase the wrong one and the packaging is excellent they really make sure it gets you in perfect condition. Once installed I would walk around my computer to see how close will someone notice my screen and you would need to be sitting on my lab to see whats going on in my computer which I was aiming for. Not one complaint about this product and the price was actually really good compared to some other ones out there.


The privacy "black-out" so to speak works quite nicely but the part I am really pleased with is the glare reduction. We have new LED lighting at work and this screen eliminated the glare without any reduction in screen clarity. Much better than other screens I have used in the past.

The screen came with 2 option to mount which is nice depending on your setup. I used the slide mount tabs for better cleaning access. They seem to work well.


This screen works very well for minimizing the glare on the computer screen and is the reason I purchased it.I received excellent service from this company. I measured incorrectly for the screen and as a result of my error I ordered a screen that was to small. I advised the company of my error and they sent me a new one with the correct size. No extra charge. This is what I call a 5 Star Company.

Mr Prime Customer

 I like working in public spaces and this is perfect. Unless someone is standing directly behind you, they can not see the screen.

E. Bradley-McCabe

This product serves more as a protection than privacy screen for me. I mean it blocks out from both sides. The reason for purchasing it was sight preservation. My eyes became sensitive to bright lights and I would get dizzy while on the computer. So this is a MUST HAVE if you sit and look at computer, television and or cell phone screens on a regular. Additionally, it keeps you sitting upright in the chair as you only have visibility straight ahead. Once you move to either side, you will see that the screen darkens. Lastly, I had an issue with my measurements, and the customer service department was excellent and efficient in helping me resolve my issue before I even had one. Thanks Tim!!! Dana